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ASUS: another transformation.

New Asus concept in Computex 2013.


For the period or the PC “declines” for the benefit of tablets and Smartphones, ASUS found a niche in the convertible devices, on the border between the genres. As usual I am interested only in the “Windows” part.

After the tablet convertible into ultrabook (Transformer Book), tablets with keyboard (Vivo) or the All-in-one PC transforming into tablet (Transformer All-in-one), here is Three-in-one πŸ™‚


Indeed, ASUS presents a concept of computer Three-in-one: tablet, mini PC and ultrabook: ASUS Transformer Book

ASUS Transformer Book Trio (clic to search in

The concept is very interesting:

  • Connect the “keyboard” (central unit) to a screen at the house to take advantage of a large surface and serve in the same time as a tablet;
  • Link both (ultrabook) for a nomadic use.

So well (as for Transformer All-in-one) that the tablet is under Android. I’ve nothing against this OS… But as a user I would have preferred to keep a continuity between the various modes (thus have the choice for Windows 8 or RT for the tablet). Furthermore, to administrate different system at home complicate things (where from my choice Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 / Xbox).

On the other hand, in the work, to have an Android tablet besides a Windows PC and the whole tactile can be formidably complete for multi-Platform development πŸ˜‰

Source: ASUS


In the future I’m going to keep a close watch on this kind of multi-purpose product πŸ˜‰


Update of the Windows ecosystem…

For a month, things evolved on Windows side…


Let us begin with Windows Store (in June 21st, 2013).

Microsoft centralizes various services which can be used in the Windows Store gallery (Windows 8) so that developers can find them in the same place.

In this is added AppCelerator directed on the resources of development (tools, tutorials, guides, demos and advice).

Source: Microsoft

Also let us note the update of the SDK and a guide for Windows 8 towards Windows 8.1 application migration (available in download).

Source: Microsoft


Then, Windows Phone (in June – July 8th).

On the menu, an extension of the support until 2016 and a company pack, leaks on Windows Phone 8.1 (new notification center, UI changes, quad-core support, etc.) and the Toolkit June update (correction of bugs, localization).

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog


Finally, the Xbox One (at the beginning of July)…

Being gone back for the internet connection and the DRM, it’s the turn of the publication of independent games. The independent developers can publish their games themselves without passing by a publisher.

Marc Whitten quote:

Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development. That every game and experience can take advantage of all of the features of Xbox One and Xbox Live. This means self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, achievements. This means great discoverability on Xbox Live. We’ll have more details on the program and the timeline at Gamescom in August.

Source: IGN


Things move in the right direction πŸ˜‰

Post build 2013…

From 26 till 28 June took place the conference Build during which Microsoft reveals its novelties to developers.


This year, it goes without saying that the main subject was Windows 8.1 and its corrections (with regard to the criticisms made on Windows 8 for its release). More complete tools, improved Windows Store, access to Bing for developers, Bing search improved on Windows, Start button, starting up in desktop mode, IE, DirectX 11.2, more applications, etc. Many of positive.

Without counting the cloud, with Windows Azure which will be accessible to the mobile applications (including Android and iOS), Visual Studio, Windows Server…

In brief, a lot of news to be digested πŸ˜‰


But unfortunately not much of nine to eat for Windows Phone 8 and nothing on Xbox One… It’s a pity, it was the opportunity for which many people had to wait (I in the first one) where Microsoft would have been able to present a unified platform Windows 8 / Xbox One / Windows Phone 8… A missed appointment in a way. It’s going to need still to wait…


The sessions are visible on Channel 9 of MSDN:

MSDN: Build 2013


See you soon for a more development directed treatment πŸ˜‰

Windows 8.1: pay attention on the beta!

The Windows 8.1 beta version will come soon on the Windows Store (around the june 26).


Why on Windows Store and not Windows Update? To let the choice… Why?

Because when the release version will be available, users could have to reinstall all theirs applications (ZDNet say). Waiting the release version should avoid this “problem”.

Source (French) : Windows 8.1 Upgrade Policies

So… Pay very attention on this beta version πŸ˜‰


See You Soon!

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