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Fallout, or the survival in a hostile environment.

Desire for a trip in the open air in a radioactive desert? Fallout is made for you ūüėČ

Title : Fallout.

Genre : Role playing game.

Date : 1997.

Editor : Interplay.

¬ę War, war never changes… ¬Ľ



A post apocalyptic universe built on the ruins of a retro-futuristic world,¬†based on a fictional American¬†culture and the science of the 50s, references to classics, well built¬†role playing game¬†and a good scenario… For that to ask furthermore?

Fallout Abri 13

Fallout РVault 13

The nuclear fire ravaged the surface of the planet and the last survivors took refuge in fallout shelters ( Vault). A few decades later, a technical problem (breakdown of the water recycling) arises in the¬†Vault 13. The “avatar” of the player is indicated to go out and find something to repair the device before water supply runs out.

Fallout Casino

Fallout – Casino

The player is thus going to discover an apocalyptic world (Wasteland), a desert filled with survivors and¬†mutants (Mad Max?). In this world mostky¬†“adult contents”, not deprived of black humor and where¬†the law “of the stronger” rules, we meet¬†drugs,¬†prostitution,¬†slavery, fights, etc. The player will¬†learn to survive, to protect himself from radiations and¬†follow the various tracks to find an extra chip. There live one of the main strengths of this game: a coherent, complete universe, in which the player is almost free.

Fallout Ville

Fallout –¬†City

In this world, the resources are precious. For any weapon it is necessary to find its ammunitions. Sometimes, they can make rare… The same goes for the care and the protections against poisons or radiations. But there is not only¬†fight, the player can also discuss, steal, trade… The system is rather complete and opened enough. The player can so choose between the best (help everybody) and the worst…

Fallout Dialogue

Fallout – Dialog

In this adventure, the player will not still be alone. He can be accompanied with a dog, Canigou, who will accompany him in the adventures; even appoint some team-mates. Well, we cannot make it much and they tend not to progress… But it’s better than nothing.

Fallout Confrérie de l'Acier

Fallout –¬†Brotherhood of Steel

In the court of his journey, the player gets in touch with the Brotherhood of the Steel and has the possibility of entering it. Its purpose is to find the technologies of former days and to use them to offer a better future to the survivors. Big¬†armors… Big weapons… Chivalrous spirit… You will have understood, I hang on ūüėČ

Fallout Fin

Fallout –¬†End

! Spoiler!

Having found the chip, it is sent to fight a¬†mysterious “Master” who raises an army of “Super Mutant”. Having overcome the threat, it’s banished from the¬†Vault 13 so that its new knowledge do not perturb the community. Nice ūüėÄ


System of game:

The system of display is in isometric 2D (pre-calculated perspective). It’s not the most beautiful, but it’s widely sufficient to take advantage of the game.

Fallout Combat

Fallout – Fight!

The system of role playing game¬†is based on¬†characteristics (definitions of the primary capacities, as the points of life, the actions), skill levels (to carry out actions) and particular features (specificity of the system, they allow “to personalize” the character).

Fallout Personnage

Fallout – Character

The inventory allows to equip the character in armor, left hand and right hand weapons. It’s classic, simple.

Fallout Inventaire

Fallout – Inventory

The travel in a locality takes place in¬†real time. The game falls over in turn by turn¬†during the fights. The fight takes place alternately, according to the order of initiative of the participants. Every action (movement, attack, inventory) consumes a number of “points of action”. When these points are exhausted, the turn comes to an end. This system allows very tactical fights but can turn out heavy in the presence of a large number of protagonists.

Fallout Carte

Fallout – Map

The¬†great journeys are made on the world map. Small defect, the number of localities is not rather important and we make the tour “fast”.



A game with a very rich contents, with a big freedom of movement and resolution of action, an impression of fragility and precariousness which almost never leaves you, a good story occupying you up to the end, the possibility of sorting out a little things around one (or worsen them, according to its goodwill) and casually often tactical fights!

Another fascinating game which occupied¬†quite a lot of my spare time ūüėÄ


See you soon for new adventures!

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