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Dungeon Keeper, Evil is Good ;)

For once, we could play the evil 😉

Title : Dungeon Keeper.

Genre : Strategy.

Date : 1997.

Developper: Bullfrog.

In 1997 Peter Molyneux ( Populous) brings out an UFO… In opposite of the period when the average player saved regularly the world, we passed on the side of the naughty boy, the donjon master (in reference to Donjon and Dragon), to trap brave adventurers, not without a certain humor.

Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper

The introduction does not deceive… A knight penetrates into a donjon, gets rid of some monsters and tries to seize a treasure. But the naughty boys stay up and here is the hero put on the ground.

Dungeon Keeper Introduction

Dungeon Keeper – Introduction

The objective of the campaign (succession of parties) is very simple: put in fire and blood all the attractive provinces and their cute and frivolous tribes. The performance of your assistant is on the whole funny: the still free description of provinces depresses him… Conquered time, he paints cheerfully a dark picture. It adds to the charm of the game 😀

Dungeon Keeper Carte

Dungeon Keeper – Map

A party begins with the heart of the donjon (it is the representation of the power of the player on the map), an entrance and some sprites. The first task is to build the first rooms and to connect the set with a door so that monsters come to settle down at your home.

Dungeon Keeper Entree

Dungeon Keeper – Portal

The arrangement of caves is very important… The arrangement attracts more easily such or such monster, certain types of monsters fight between them, others need peace, halls, etc. It is also necessary to watch to feed all this small world. An unfortunate monster will go away…

Dungeon Keeper Antre

Dungeon Keeper – Lair

It is necessary, to be the best, to entrainer its monsters, to make look for spells to the magicians, make work the trolls in workshops, etc. So all this small world progresses and you (thanks to the spells) become more powerful. Every monster has its speciality which it is necessary to know how to exploit.

Dongeon Keeper Entrainement

Dongeon Keeper – Training

But the sinews of war, it is the gold. And the gold, that gets back by digging golden veins with sprites. They never dig rather fast and it is often necessary to stimulate them with small friendly slaps 😀 The gold is then stored in treasure rooms… Never fast enough (slaps). And when arrives the fateful ” it’s pay day! “, your monsters stop on the field any activity and are going to recover them of.

Dungeon Keeper Tresor

Dungeon Keeper – Treasure

During the party, you develop a donjon by making dig your sprites (slaps), by making them strengthen walls so that the opponent does not drill them (slaps) then by building various rooms (library, workshop, cave, keeps) food, treasure room, the staff room, the prison, the room of training, etc.). You can put traps, doors, etc. At times, you result in natural galleries…

Dungeon Keeper Mini Carte

Dungeon Keeper – Mini Map

At some point, you meet an opponent. Either it is a group of adventurers or a kind hero that attacks your donjon, or it is a rival donjon master, according to the level. And there… Dropping of monsters, spells, fight! It is a little bit vague, that leaves in all directions, it is good draft and very difficult to follow. This phase of fight draft is certainly one of only defect of the game, with a little bit whimsical IA. At the end of the fight, with the appropriate rooms, it is possible “to convert” your opponents so that they join your camp, a whole program 😉

Dongeon Keeper Combat

Dongeon Keeper – Combat

Optional, you have the possibility of taking the control of one of your monsters (spell of ownership). You can then dig, fight, investigate your donjon by seeing through the eyes of your creature (seen to the first person, with the distortion which is well according to the type of creature). The interest is quite relative, even trivial, but it remains pleasant 😉



That to say another cult game 😀 A well built bestiary, certain charismatic monsters (black Mistress, Big horned, Dragon). Original, rich, with a small weakness level legibility of the fights and IA, but the pleasure to be a naughty  donjon master is there… Enhanced by the deep voice of your assistant, as well as a crowd of small funny details.

Even better if you appreciate the Donjon of Naheulbeuk (French) 😀


See you soon for new adventures!

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