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Door, monster, treasure…

A little French 3D « Hack’n slash » 😉

Title : Darkstone.

Genre : Action – Role playing game.

Date : 1999.

Developpers: Delphine Software.

Between two Diablo, that many consider as the reference of the “Hack’ n slash”, brings out this very nice little game. As usual, the world is in danger and only the player is capable of saving it… There’s wil have dragon to the menu this evening;-)



In this case, we are fighting a necromancer, Draak who sows the terror in the kingdom of Uma. Obviously, the latter can transform into dragon. The player is thus in charge of overcoming it by getting back 7 crystals to reconstitute the  Orb of Time. Of the classic for the regular customers of the genre “D&D ” (Donjons & Dragons)!

Darkstone - The village

Darkstone – The village

The village is the center of the adventure. We get back the quests there, we buy and we sell of the equipment, the potions, spells, etc. To note that his state changes with the progress of the main quest. Small killing detail: by giving a room to the band onto the central place, it interprets you the “Soundtrack” of the game 🙂

Darkstone - Le groupe de musique

Darkstone – Music band

The hero is not alone in its quest and the adventure is made with two characters, in the choice among 4 classic classes of the medieval – fantasy: warrior, magician, thief and priest. The combination both allows to adopt various types of play, what is very interesting for one “Hack’ n slash” whose ” replayability” one of the main characteristics is.

Darkstone - Petit combat en extérieur

Darkstone – Outdoor fight

The basis of the game is relatively simple. We strike, we launch spells, we pull arrows, all this to exterminate the troops of naughty monsters which populate the various levels and the donjons. Of the classic for the “Hack’ n slash”.

Darkstone - Encore un combat!

Darkstone – Another fight

The player controls a single character at the same time. It is thus necessary to watch the second because the artificial intelligence is not what we make of better. To note that it is possible to play several in network, what is relatively pleasant 🙂

Darkstone - Etape d'une quête

Darkstone – Quest

The player will thus have to chain 7 quests to reconstitute the Orb of Time. These 7 quests are randomly selected among 24 possible. Difficult to make two identical adventures in these conditions 😉 Well, it is always a question of collecting objects or of killing monsters, but from time to time it is also a question of activating mechanisms of opening!

Darkstone - L'inventaire

Darkstone – Inventory

The inventory is classic: protections, weapons, potions, jewels, backpack, characteristics (and yes, we take up levels, as in every “D&D like ” who respects himself). Level equipment, the principle is also simple as Diablo: we always look for the best and the most adapted to its class. Here also, “loots” (equipment got back on monsters) is generated in a random way.

Darkstone - Un sort en 3D

Darkstone – 3D spell

All in all, it is of Diablo, less fervent at the level of the clicks. But where we distance ourselves most from this illustrious model, it is the 3D. Here it is very well done, even if the models are little detailed. The effects of the spells are very nice, but especially the management of the camera is “with first-class attention”. We can give her the angle and the zoom adapted to the situation in a rather simple way. Very pleasant 😉



A very good 3D “Hack’ n slash” which really brings something compared with the 2D games of the same period. Balanced well, dynamic and funny, the aspect hero team is not insignificant one. Simple, effective and stable. In brief, a very good entertainment.


See you soon for new adventures!

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