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Master of Orion 2: the intensive course of galactic emperor.

A small desire for greatness? You find that PalpatineĀ is an amateur? This game is made for you šŸ˜€

TitleĀ : Master of Orion 2Ā : Battle at Antares.

GenreĀ : Strategy (4X).

DateĀ : 1996.

DeveloppersĀ : Simtex, Microprose.

Master of Orion 2

Master of Orion 2

Master of Orion 2 is a game of strategy in turn by turn of 4X type (for ” eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate”, a whole program šŸ˜‰ ). Among the games of economic and technological development, he proposes a wealth and a very particular style, science fiction directed.

Master of Orion 2 - Titre

Master of Orion 2 – Title

Master of Orion 2 places the player at the head of an empire which he is going to lead to the conquest of stars. The party begins after a great war between two advanced races: OrionsĀ and Antariens. The first ones having exiled the second in a parallel dimension, they are in their turn going to disappear and to make way so for the emergent races.

Master of Orion 2 - Race

Master of Orion 2 – Race

The party begins with the choice of the race. There we already find numerous pre-created races each resuming a different stereotype (warrior, scientist, spy, diplomat, etc.). We can again personalize her own race by means of a multitude of choices… From the racial featureĀ to the political system.

After that, it remains to configure the party… Difficulty, size of the galaxy, the random events, the quantity of resources, number of empires…

Master of Orion 2 - Map

Master of Orion 2 – Map

The main screen represents the galaxy map. We can see the various stars, the fastest roads there between these, the black holes, the fleets in travel, etc.

Master of Orion 2 - Map Detail

Master of Orion 2 – Map detail

And when we look in detail at a star, we can see the various planets, the gaseous giants and the belts of asteroids. For planets, there’s a big diversity: size, wealth, gravity, climate, etc.

Master of Orion 2 - Colonie

Master of Orion 2 – Colony

To extend the empire, it is necessary to establish new colonies. It’s a delicate stage because a new colony is not autonomous. The food must be often forwarded since the rest of the empire (cargo boats), its maintenance depends on the climate (the more the climate is hostile, the more theĀ maintenance cost is raised). Finally, certain political systems need in specific buildings…

Once developed, a colony can continue to build and to participate in the global effort (research, economy, polution cleanup, etc.), to produce vessels or spies, or simply to produceĀ wealth.

Master of Orion 2 - Recherche

Master of Orion 2 – Research

The way towards stars is made as much by the economy as the research. Good technological choices are necessary to develop his empire because we cannot look for everything. At every technological level it is necessary to choose the only one in a given domain. The unknown technologies can be later acquired by other means…

Master of Orion 2 - News

Master of Orion 2 – News

From time to time, the news announces random events arising in one of the empires (treasure, resource, accident).

During his exploration, the player (or an other one) will discover Orion, the former capital of the eponym empire, and will face his guard. If he gains a victory, besides discovering a very rich planet, he will put the hand on advanced technologies.

Master of Orion 2 - Conception de vaisseau

Master of Orion 2 – Ship design

The ship design to build different type of vessels of various sizes and various utilities. There is for all the tastes and the more we have of technologies, the more we have the choice… Of the small vessel of exploration toĀ the Death Star šŸ˜€

Master of Orion 2 - Fleet

Master of Orion 2 – Fleet

Once produced, vessels are grouped in fleets. We can then move them from system to system, where the need is smelt.

Master of Orion 2 - Diplomatie

Master of Orion 2 – Diplomaty

The diplomatic relations are opened from the moment two races got closer enough geographically. The exchanges are then possible (provided that they are not restrained by a racial feature). Treated, pacts of non-aggression, technological exchanges, alliances, etc. There are many possibilities.

Master of Orion 2 - Espion

Master of Orion 2 – Spy

The spies are a counterpart of the diplomacy… Left in defense, they serve to counter the enemy spies. Moved in a nearby empire, it can sabotage installations or steal technologies…

Master of Orion 2 - Combat spatial

Master of Orion 2 – Space combat

Sometimes (often), it will be necessary to come to weapons there. Against a spatial monster or a nearby empire, to invade or self defense. We enter a local viewĀ where every vessel is used inĀ turn by turn movements, shootings,Ā missiles launching, torpedoes or shuttles, collisions…

Master of Orion 2 - Combat au sol

Master of Orion 2 –Ā Ground combat

When the invader win theĀ battle in orbit around a colonized world, a ground combat took place (after a potential bombardment).

Master of Orion 2 - Capture de technologie

Master of Orion 2 – Technology capture

In this occasion, he can arrive that the soldiers capture a technology. Defy soldiers šŸ˜‰

Master of Orion 2 - Heros

Master of Orion 2 – Heros

In the course of the game, it will be possible to recruit or to discover heroes, charactersĀ with special capacities, being able to be placed to the commands of a colony or a spaceship. It brings a small not insignificant advantage… Besides a small particular touch.

Master of Orion 2 - Antarien

Master of Orion 2 – Antarian

AntariensĀ is always in aguĆŖts… Regularly, they come to attack a colony at random… To stop them is often very complicated, even impossible in view of their technological advance… AndĀ until an advanced level of the game.

Master of Orion 2 - Graphes

Master of Orion 2 – Graphs

Nice graphs allow the player to compare his progressĀ compared with the other empires, it is always good to know where we are there šŸ˜‰

Master of Orion 2 - Concil

Master of Orion 2 – Concil

There are several manners to win a party: domination by elimination of the competitors, the eradication of theĀ Antarienne threat or further to a vote of the council (diplomatic victory thus). Everything depends on the style of the player!


ConclusionĀ :

Another very detailed, very fascinating game, of a big depth and endowed with an enormous re-playability… The whole for a correct graphic quality in the time šŸ˜‰ Of what to spend hours there only or several duringĀ multiplayersĀ prtiesĀ on the same computer (hot seat).

A game in the interplanetary scale which in spite of a certain complexity (mastered enough) can of “personal” aspects which put you in the skin of an emperor and not on the place of an abstract entity (heroes, ambassadors, interlocutors for various aspects of the management) šŸ˜€

The 90s were rich in cult games!


See you soon for new adventures!

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