ASUS: another transformation.

New Asus concept in Computex 2013.


For the period or the PC “declines” for the benefit of tablets and Smartphones, ASUS found a niche in the convertible devices, on the border between the genres. As usual I am interested only in the “Windows” part.

After the tablet convertible into ultrabook (Transformer Book), tablets with keyboard (Vivo) or the All-in-one PC transforming into tablet (Transformer All-in-one), here is Three-in-one 🙂


Indeed, ASUS presents a concept of computer Three-in-one: tablet, mini PC and ultrabook: ASUS Transformer Book

ASUS Transformer Book Trio (clic to search in

The concept is very interesting:

  • Connect the “keyboard” (central unit) to a screen at the house to take advantage of a large surface and serve in the same time as a tablet;
  • Link both (ultrabook) for a nomadic use.

So well (as for Transformer All-in-one) that the tablet is under Android. I’ve nothing against this OS… But as a user I would have preferred to keep a continuity between the various modes (thus have the choice for Windows 8 or RT for the tablet). Furthermore, to administrate different system at home complicate things (where from my choice Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 / Xbox).

On the other hand, in the work, to have an Android tablet besides a Windows PC and the whole tactile can be formidably complete for multi-Platform development 😉

Source: ASUS


In the future I’m going to keep a close watch on this kind of multi-purpose product 😉


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