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Xbox One: no more DRM nor compulsory internet connection!

Things settle…


After Sony PS4 announcement and the stir in the community, Microsoft clarifies things on two points:

  • No more DRM;
  • No more permanent Internet connection.

It means that the loan or the resale of games will be possible with the Xbox One and that the users not having access to Internet can use it.

Source: Xbox One no mode DRM


It’s just lacking the “Inde friendly” side… Software updates so fast arrived 🙂


See you soon for other short stories 😉


Windows 8.1… More for tablets.

Another Windows 8.1 news 🙂


In this case, it is at the Computex show (Taipei, in Taiwan).

So We learn that the start screen (“Modern UI”) will work better in portrait mode. The coming Microsoft applications will also work in portrait and landscape mode.

Let us add to the menu a better detection at the level of touch-sensitive screens and a better optimization of the numeric keyboard for the small-sized screens.

Source: Microsoft at Computex 2013

If we cross it with a Microsoft Office Suite adapted to less than 10 inches screens… We see mini tablets of 7 or 8 inches coming 😉


The continuation looks interesting 😉

E3: XBox One… Second take!

Los Angeles, video game conference…

E3 logo

It’s in E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) that Microsoft brings some precisions on its new entertainement console, the Xbox One:

  • Price $499 in the US, £429 in the UK;
  • Availability in November.

For the rest, video game exposition obliges, it is especially games which are announced or shown.

We shall retain “Metal Gear Solid 5” ( Konami), “Ryse, Son of Rome” ( Crytek), “Dead Rising 3”, “Forza Motorsport 5” or still the “Halo” franchise.

Otherwise, (little) innovation: the Spark project. Smartglass compatible (second screen on Smartphone / tablet), it allows to create universes thanks to voice command (Kinect).

For the Xbox 360, a small continuation of life announced with the release of a “small” version and the release of “World of Tanks”. It’s always a small respite for XNA…


On the other hand, always nothing equivalent to XNA (understand distribution channel of independent games) on Xbox One… And the rumors are not very good on this side. We’ll going to wait until… BUILD? A GDC?

And always no precision as for the regular connection to internet, the microphone of atmosphere, the second-hand games…


That moves forward little by little…

Windows 8.1: pay attention on the beta!

The Windows 8.1 beta version will come soon on the Windows Store (around the june 26).


Why on Windows Store and not Windows Update? To let the choice… Why?

Because when the release version will be available, users could have to reinstall all theirs applications (ZDNet say). Waiting the release version should avoid this “problem”.

Source (French) : Windows 8.1 Upgrade Policies

So… Pay very attention on this beta version 😉


See You Soon!

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