.Net Random numbers and portability

Working on fractals and procedural generation, I faced an “interesting” problem…


.Net Random does not guaranty to produce the same output with the same seed on two different platforms (Framework implementation)… See:


In most cases I need the result to be the same across platforms (I need to generate the same landscape, event if I change the machine I am working on)… So the only workarounds are to override System.Random or implement my own random number generator.

For a good random number generator example (with tests and proof), see:
Simple Random Number Generator


For the design part, I have abstract the System.Random methods with an interface IRandom then developed a “portable” random number generator:

Random design

Random design


Some unit testing then go 😉


About Sylvain Bories

Software Developer (.Net, C#) and hobbyist game programmer (Unity 3d, DirectX). Interested in Technology, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Ecology and Fencing.

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