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Merry christmas 2011!

Joyeux Noel

Merry Christmas!

First balance assessment of this year of 2011: I haven’t write so many things as I wished.

I didn’t even have time to put back on-line the programming specific contents from my “blog” on Live Windows.

In the end I often make the same thing in my projects: want to redo… As a result, difficult to move forward when we are lacking time.

On the other hand, I change technology and project orientation!


See you soon for the continuation 😉


Give in to the Green IT sirens…

In a general way I am interested in environmental issues…


Hybrid cars (the electric I can’t, it’s impossible in the area where I live), renewable energies, protection of endangered species (or not, there is no reason), impact in CO2 or in oil of the fact that I consume (manufacturing, origin, etc.), sorting, recycling… We are going to say that I try to adopt an eco-responsible behavior and to transmit this state of mind to my children.


Then why not the Green IT. Certainly on the shape, the term Green IT it’s like Web 2.0… It’s quite a lot of marketing. On the bottom, it groups all the same interesting, responsible practices, especially when the computing is present everywhere. Then why not? I already pay attention on the fact that I make for the level consumption of the resources and other one, then why not to frame this in a more formal and more recognizable way 🙂


And then think about the impact of what we make does not hurt.

For a good departure:

In brief, the Green IT is going to become integrated slowly into my future projects… Besides it falls well, it is the end of year and the good resolutions.


To follow 😉


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