Power inverter, with a quiet mind.

When the equipment is there, it’s necessary to protect it from all the threatening electric bothers. Micro-cuts, surges, voltage drops, etc. The electronics not likes… not at all 😀


There are two types of protections: inverter and surge protector.

Surge protector (or surge suppressor) protects the equipments of the surges (yep). They can additionally protect the lines of antennas or phone. We use them generally on electronic devices which badly support immediate stop (console, TV, DVD player or Blu Ray).

Inverters add to it a protection against voltage drops and the capacity to supply power to devices in case of complete cut. The autonomy depends on the capacity of the battery and in our case of the power consumed by the PC. It is better to consider however that this device is there to leave you the time to switch off the PC cleanly.


The main characteristic for an inverter is the capacity to supply power (in Watts) and the time it’s going to be able to maintain it. It is thus advisable to estimate the consumption of the device. This can be made by means of on-line simulators (as ” eXtreme Power Supply Calculator ” in free version, etc.).

The rest is more subjective or practises: how many grips are at the same time anti-cuts and anti-surges, how much are only anti-surges, which is the total number of grips, monitoring by USB, design and color of the device, the possibility of changing the battery easily rather than of changing all the system…

For my configuration (in 2009), I chose to turn to a French brand (Eaton) since the quality is there. After calculation of the consumption of my PC (450W power supply, but real consumption estimated in 320W), I said to myself that 400W would be enough (not to forget the screen!).


I opted for a Protection Center 650:

Onduleur Eaton (UPS) Protection Center

Onduleur Eaton (UPS) Protection Center

As its name does not indicate it supplies 400W, its black design is discreet, the pacquage is rather complete and the very correct price.

Next to it, I took two grips parasurtenseurs UPS Protection Box:

Parasurtenseur Eaton (UPS) - UPS Protection Box

Surge protector Eaton (UPS) – UPS Protection Box

More strong than the simple surge protectors which we find in hypermarkets, they are ideal to protect sensitive equipments as internet box (modem), phone line, TV, consoles, etc.



Since the time, the inverter fills(performs) correctly its role. During the power cuts, he allows me to put out(switch off) cleanly the PC and to avoid the risks of breakdown.

It is better to spend some tens of euros to protect some hundreds from it, especially in a region where thunderstorms can be violent (foot from the Cévennes). At least we have an easy conscience.


See you soon for new adventures 😉


PS: my wife makes me say that to connect a vacuum cleaner on an inverter, it is a false good idea 😉


About Sylvain Bories

Software Developer (.Net, C#) and hobbyist game programmer (Unity 3d, DirectX). Interested in Technology, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Ecology and Fencing.

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